Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nanny's take-away from the sleepover extravaganza

The following is a quote from my mom's blog:

But last night, while Ella was spending the night with me, I began to develop the dictionary for the next generation.
"I am not hungry" means I know I can talk Granny out of treats after Mom leaves. (It's not true except in Ella's mind)
"I am not tired" means I can get you to play with me more, I know I can and I am not going to even try and go to sleep.
"I am hungry" means I want to cook something with you, not necessarily eat it, just cook it.
"Let's go back to bed" or "Let's take a nap" No matter how attractive the thought may be, .,do not fall for this one. It is not what it appears to be! I was so excited, go back to bed at 7 a.m., having already cooked and eaten pancakes and eggs and juice I thought, yea!!! This is the reward Grannys get for being so Granny-like. It really means, I want all your attention for myself. I want you to play with me in your big bed. I have no intention of going back to sleep, I am tricking you into more play in a new location.
And for the last one for the day:"I don't like to pick up toys" in conjunction with it's dramatic big brother, "I really do not like to clean up!"Coming from a four year old these both mean I am going to avoid this request. . . To which I first responded, "I don't like to pick up toys either, especially when I didn't take them out" Of course, that is when the big dramatic brother entered the picture. Not just stated once or twice but three times, "I really do not like to clean up!" (neither do I) "I really do not like to clean up!" (if I did would my house look like this?) "I really do not like to clean up!" (Well you have a choice. .I did not raise my voice. "You can help me clean up the toys or not come back and spend the night at Granny's for a very long time." She did choose to help clean up, and did do some, but without my help, it was getting to late and I had an appointment at 10 a.m. and I still had to take her home. So the delay part did sort of work.

I wonder what my words mean to Ella--
No means maybe,
Maybe means ask again and again, a yes is right around the corner.
Yes means I can expect to get the same response every time I ask, so why ask.
Rules-"we don't need rules" a direct quote from last night's dinner conversation with Ella!
No dessert means not while Mommy is here (but not last night, no dessert means NO dessert.)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha!! Well, my opinion on that is that grandparents can handle it for one night, right? Then we get them back, (at least in my case) stained, sticky, looking and acting like a red-headed stepchild!

Ashlee said...

Cute! What a fun mom you have :) That is a very helpful (and truthful) dictionary for Grandma's everywhere!

mommynolan said...

You will have to stay tuned for the next installment, "What Granny says in not what she means."