Thursday, March 26, 2009


My little Mia-Mushroom desperately needed a fix-em-up in the hair department after Lance had the bangs chopped ("at least it's out of her eyes"). Uhhhhhh.So we took a little tripsy to the most wonderful hair-genius in the WORLD, Lori! Lori has been doing my hair for a little while now (THANK YOU JAMI FOR THE REFERRAL!) and she's amazingly talented. She's got such a darling personality too, I told her she can never stop doing her job!

Ella was SO good in the chair -a natural! Once she's my age, she'll never know her natural hair color again either! :) The whole experience was a bit traumatic for Mia-babes. She cried and cried and cried! When I took her off the chair, she was still miffed with me, but was working through it.

(hahahahahahah, I LOVE this picture: MEANEST mom alive award?)

So when I held her, we tried a few "after" shots, but nothing turned out too honky-dorey.

We were in a hurry to get out of there since Mia was so edgy, so I didn't get a good shot of Ella's cut. I took it this morning. How lovely is she?!


Joni said...

LOL....."At least it's out of her eyes!!!" What a guy thing to say!

They both turned out adorable, but how could they not? They are both so gorgeous, just like their mom!

mommynolan said...

The hair cuts are so cut! And thanks for the little visit last night.

Anonymous said...

Those are so funny! Mia looks like she was desperately hoping for a rescue. Ella's hair looks very nice. I have been assigned the official hair-cutter of the household. It's cheap, right? Hopefully my cuts are a step above Lance's attempt!! ;o)

Mary said...

Ella looks great! I'd like to see Mia's hair !

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

Yay for good kid cuts...I chop my own kids' hair and always wish I trusted/could find someone else to do a better job. They look so cute! And I think Mia's little sad face adds to the whole experience..