Monday, March 16, 2009

The Big 3-2! Happy Birthday Baby!

Lance turned 32 on Saturday. We had a fantastic weekend. Here's Lance with the girls opening his gift. You can see the adorable card Ella wrote for him!

We spent the morning playing the game that I tend to kick some serious TRASH at... Super Mario World 3!! Oh, don't get me started... I'm really really good at this game.
My children are mezmorized when I play.
Oh! We got her attention.
PS- NO commentst from the Peanut Gallery about Mia's little haircut. Lance did it on a whim (with good intentions), and my little Milly-Kisses looks like a mushroom now. We'll fix it.
I thought this was a funny picture that I took while Lance concentrated and tried to keep up with me on this game (no luck). It reminds me of pictures of my mom and dad, where dad doesn't pay attention to the camera, but mom always looks posed!
Here's our La-La-Boo. I can't get enough of her smile! :)
...So I jumped in a shot with her!
Here she is again -the little cheese-ball!...And here with the Birthday Boy!
Ok, this is a funny story, because I just wanted ONE decent shot. Look at who is psyching himself out and BLINKING on every picture!!
Ha Ha Ha -it was getting funny.
I'm usually batteling Ella to keep her eyes open, and I'm not posting all the pictures I took either. We must have gone through 10 or so pictures -all with Lance blinking!
We headed to Lance's parent's house for dinner that night. We had "John's Chicken" -John being Lance's older brother. It is AMAZING. It's Italian/ Teriyaki/ Jalipeno/ Maple-Bacon goodness, all barbecued to perfection. Mmmmmmm.
From his parents, Lance received a gorgeous Invicta dress watch.
You can't see it, but behind those cheeks lies Mia's FIRST malted Easter egg! ...Blue!
Candace and Scott hung out with us that evening. ...A HUGE thanks to Debbie and Donny who kept our Ella for the night! Here she is, making herself quite comfy.
And here's our Mia, after such an exhausting birthday. Precious.
Finally, a quick note to my husband;
Lance, through it all, on your birthday especially, I hope you know how dearly you are loved and cherished. I'm SO grateful to your parents -on this day especially, that they brought you into this world, and raised you to become such an incredible person. You are strong, you're smart, you're talented (even though I'm SO much better at Super Mario World 3), and you're in love with your family, who is just as crazy about you. I am honored to be your wife. Happy Birthday, my love.


Lexy said...

Oh so sweet! Looks like you had a0 lo0t of fun! I am sorry but I can't help but laugh whenever I see the picture of Mia and her shroom cut! haha

Joni said...

Happy birthday Lance! Looks like you had a super fun weekend, good for you!

mommynolan said...

Happy Birthday one and all. Mia's hair is cute! More pictures of her please.

Mary said...

It looks like you had fun. Happy B-day, Lancy-cakes!

Rachael said...

What a fun day! Happy B-Day Lance!

Teri said...

Happy Birthday Lance!! Tell the girls to stop growing up so fast!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Lance! I hope you guys get to use the Cheesecake factory gift certificate soon! :) (P.S. LOVE Mia's haircut) LoL

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful birthday cake! I want one!! :) Fun pictures.

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

Looks like a fun day...what a nice tribute to Lance. I also love the hiding malted egg picture...the best!! And Ella's growing up!