Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baby Pix

Give a baby a clear plastic bowl.... capture the magic!
Maaan, look at this face! How can you not be CRAZY about this face?!

Okay, here Mia looks a bit like DeNiro in an "Are you talking to me?" type way...
BIG smiles!
Playing with the hot air vent!
Cover Girl in the making (snot aside).
Look at that little diaper-bum! She's hovering around the wii controls but I think this might be an actual pose!
Another Cover Girl wind-blown shot!
Okaaaaay, she's done with the pictures. Look at those eyes!


Joni said...

She is so absolutely beautiful Becca! I just want to kiss her cheeks!!!!

mommynolan said...

I am glad to see her having fun! got to love that clear plastic bowl! LYSYB

Mary said...

So cute! I miss my Princess Mia!

skipper said...

Man she's cute!

Colette and The Chickenwings said...

Oh, I love the pictures you take of your girls. They are so, so pretty!! You better hope you're having a boy, because I think you have already achieved an unfair level of girl-licious prettiness in your family!!

Ashlee said...

I totally thought I commented on this already. These pictures made my day!