Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ambition vs. family

Do you know what bothers me the most about President-Elect Obama? It’s that he’s put his career aspirations above his children and family. Don’t get me wrong, we have had other presidents who have younger children but I can’t pass that kind of judgment on them... The reason for this is because I live in reality: because of his race (which to me, shouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with it, but again, I live in reality) he has a HUGE target on his back, as does each member of his young family. His children have a massive risk of growing up without a father now, because of what he wants to be right now (rather than raise his girls, then move back to the political arena). Black president? White president? I don’t care; just fix the problems with our country!

This man has significantly less potential to fix anything in my eyes because he has NO respect from me as a parent: he's breaking what he has.

I hope I’m wrong about him.


Lexy said...

I totally agree... It drives me crazy that he has put such a huge emphasis on his race. I think they are still making it so there still is a difference between black and white, instead of making it seem so equal. skin color is skin color. People don't give me or my mom a special pat on the back for a accomplishing something cause we are spanish. ughh. They need to get over it.

mommynolan said...

I think you are being a bit too hard on him. In this day and time every president is a target. AND every person is subject to death be it via health or automobile or whstever. He does (I know how much this may surprise you that I seem to be defending his choices but. . .) have a lot of people behind him who-- just by their preconcieved approval of his ideas-- will be willing to give new ideas a chance. He is also younger and maybe (it seems from some of the side-stepping he's been doing lately) more open to needed change and views not anchored in ancient history. I am not implying I am behind any of his ideas I have heard but the enthusiasm he brings could translate into a wide variety of people willing to get out and work and get things done. Bottom line, this country and our economy are in trouble and I am going to pray for his success and continued well being. I don't think I would have voted for Kennedy or Johnson either but they did some fantastic things for this country. I am glad they were where they were when we--as a country--needed them.

mommynolan said...

I saw a sign on the TV I liked. In responce to the "WE CAN" and "WE DID" slogans from the Obama campaign the sign said "WE KNOW" I agree, get on with it!
Sorry to be so wordy today, I should be writing on my own blog. Sorry again.

Kim G said...

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skipper said...

I have to agree with your mom on this one, Rebecca. As a nation we are in a heap of trouble and I feel that our government needs to start doing some things differently in order to get us out of that trouble. In many ways, Obama is the polar opposite of Pres. Bush; hopefully he and the people he surrounds himself with will be able to fix this mess.
As far as the big target on his back, did you watch the Inauguration? The man who gave the invocation asked the Lord to watch over and protect the Obamas. In fact, he specifically gave them into His hands. I feel like that's what we need to do, pray for His help and protection over them.
I also apologize for being so wordy! :)