Monday, October 6, 2008

Karen & Erin!

Karen threw me a little birthday at our skanky little hole-in-the wall bar on Saturday night. It was a blast! There was a fun band –Rumble Dogs, who played some great classic rock, and we had delicious carrot cake to boot! This has been a tradition of ours for nearly 10 years –as Karen’s hubby Tony is a bar tender there. Thanks for making my birthday a fun one, Karen. I love you! Erin is my bff who took me out on my birthday night. She hooked me up with some DARLING nails, and took me to the Olive Garden and shopping at Bath and Body Works. Erin deserves her own entry, and I’ll talk about her later, but thank you too for making my birthday so awesome! ...She's gonna kill me for putting this exciting Walmart photo on my blog! :)


Joni said...

I'm so glad you had a fun birthday! You deserve it!

matt&meg said...

Becca, Im so sorry i missed Sultans! I had 2 other bday parties too. We''ll have to hang soon!