Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I hope

I hope
I hope that my girls get a firm sense of love their whole lives from both of their parents.
I hope that I can someday call the worst time in my life “in the past”.
I hope that I will strongly stand on two feet and take care of my girls, regardless of whether or not there is support from their dad.
I hope my girls forgive me for my mistakes.
I hope that I don’t wear the patience of my family who supports me, and my friends who listen to me.
I hope that there is life after this numbness.
I hope that beyond what I can see is something beautiful and worth fighting for.


Kate said...

I hope I can see you soon so I can give you a huge hug.

Joni said...

Don't give up on any of those "hopes". Your girls are going to admire you for your love and strength, your family and friends already do.... There is happiness waiting for you in your future. As long as you have hope and faith, you will be just fine! I love you Becca!

Mary said...

I hope so to. I love you!

matt&meg said...

Keep keepin on Becca. It will be worth it one day :)

brooke said...

Becca, you have such a beautiful way of putting your thoughts into words. I think you should start writing books :)
I hope things get better for you soon. You deserve the best!