Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thirty one years. What have I learned?
I learned that there is no love more pure than loving your own child.
I learned that street smarts and book smarts are equally as valuable, but not in the business world!
I learned the value of education and the foundation of it being an expectation is a GOOD THING.
I learned that I’ve always had a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but I’m not perfect, and have a long way to go to prove it.
I learned that love can be so powerful it can consume you.
I learned that losing someone you love never stops hurting.
I learned that driving slowly and carefully is worth the time.
I learned that make-up makes me feel good about me, and make no apologies for my “routines” morning and nightly!
I learned that family is the most precious piece of our existence here on earth.
I learned that being myself is good enough –and that I would choose to be my friend.
I learned that stroganoff doesn’t just come together, you need a GOOD recipe!
I learned that time goes much faster as an adult.

I guess I could go on and on about lessons I’ve learned, as they’re limitless. I have a thousand regrets built in to these thirty one years, but I am so grateful for where I’ve ended up. What I know and whom I love are fulfilling and complete. My life holds many more adventures and mistakes and wonderful and miserable times, I’m sure… But I have peace. It’s a good birthday. October 2, 2008.


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday to You! Have a fabulous day!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! :-) Darling picture, by the way.

Joni said...

Happy Burpday Becca! I hope it's wonderful!

matt&meg said...

Happy Birthday! You are fabulous :)

Teri said...

Have a wonderful day!!!

skipper said...

Happy Birthday! I think you've learned more in your 31 years than I have in my 36 :) You are fabulous!