Monday, October 20, 2008

Fantastic Family Weekend

Well, the weekend started with just hearing that my sister Rachael was going to come up with her little fam-dam-bly. It turned out to be a full-on Nolan Family Affair! It was fabulous that everyone was able to make it to Logan. We have SO MANY gatherings throughout the year, this one just happened because we're conditioned and need eachother... :) Above, Mary and Sarah.
Rachael in the fore-ground, with Maryand Benny-babes behind.
The lovely Lily, with her hair all in her grill. :)
My beautiful Ella -note the spooge on her mouth.
Such a little doll.
...And a ham.

Here's Milly Kisses -going to town with a spoon! Babies LOVE spoons!
Her hair is starting to get long -need to give her her first trim!
Me in black and white :)
Me in Sepia!
We played some cards -and I have no shame, I KICKED TRASH AND HANDED SOME FOLKS THEIR BUTTS. This is Dave, frazzled and overwhelmed with my genius.Me, content at the helm of the "Mormon Bridge" empire.
BEST PICTURE IN SHOW. Lexie, getting "slap happy".
Here's Lexie redeeming her awkwardness with a fabulous photo.I got some GREAT time with baby Tessa! -SUCH a little love, nearly a month old.
It was awesome to see everyone. I have the best family -and they're each such incredible people. Love you guys!


Joni said...

You have such a fun family and soooo many adorable little ones! I love the pix!

Mary said...

Some fun pictures! I had a great weekend too! Love ya!

mommynolan said...

I am so glad you keep up with all the doings in the house. It was fun! thanks for the cute pics too.

Unknown said...

I'm SO glad I made the trip up. It was a blast. :)