Friday, August 15, 2008

25 facts about Miss Ella Boo

I was quite inspired by an entry of Peg’s about her little guy and some cool facts about Jack, so I’m gonna totally copy her and let you know some fun and interesting things about Ella.

1- Ella is MISS INDEPENDENT! I’ve said from day one that if she got a hold of my keys, she’d go rent her apartment.
2- Ella is the spitting image of her dad. I don’t see ANY of myself in the way she looks, and frankly, neither does anyone else. Maybe we need a maternity test…
3- Ella is four, going on fourteen. She has the vocabulary to match (and lately, some of it NOT so good).
4- Ella’s favorite colors are orange and blue (what the heck?).
5- Ella doesn’t do “girly” stuff –like jewelry, princesses, or PINK.
6- Ella loves books, and recognizes all her letters.
7- Ella can count to 10 in Spanish, and to around 15 before she starts repeating other numbers!
8- Ella lives for her bed-time routine, which includes (from my perspective):
a. Bath
b. Comb hair (with detangler)
c. Brush teeth
d. Get “fresh water”
e. Read a story (most often Mother Goose rhymes –in which I end up singing most of them, like “Hickory Dickory Dock”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, or “Hush Little Baby”)
f. Sing 2 songs (usually “Rock-a-bye” –but with a surprise as to who will “catch Ella, cradle and all) –like Tom and Jerry or Spongebob will do the catching. She also requests tickles ONLY when she closes her eyes, or lays down, or starts to laugh :)
g. Say prayers –me first, then her
h. Tell her I’m proud of her –and if I miss it, she’ll ask if I’m proud of her!
i. Kisses and answer as many questions as she can get out before I’m to the door and getting it closed…
9- Ella has the most BEAUTIFUL coffee brown eyes with lashes that go on forever, but always has crap around her mouth –see picture. :)
10- Ella is learning to use her “l’s” in the right place (i.e. instead of Wogan, we live in Logan, and instead of I wuv you, it’s I love you).
11- Ella has recently started blaming Mia for her toots, and her “excuse me’s” are dwindling.
12- Ella LOVES to be outside, and is a camper through and through.
13- Ella’s favorite show is “Spongebob Squarepants” –which isn’t too bad from an adult perspective, if you have to put up with cartoons anyway.
14- Ella loves old-school-mom-and-dad music, and her favorite songs are:
a. Ring of Fire by Jonny Cash
b. Standing Outside The Fire by Garth Brooks (she digs campfire, and thinks they’re related)
c. Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel (my influence!)
15- Ella is bossy (I don’t know where that comes from).
16- Ella will randomly say “Mommy, I love you” –and it’s the most precious thing in the world.
17- Ella can wear any color and look fabulous.
18- Ella knows words to songs after hearing them once, and the same is true for words on pages in books –brilliant!
19- Ella’s wiggle-waggle dance should be charged for viewing –it’s that AWESOME!
20- Ella is VERY bold in pushing the envelope with how much she can get away with, and sometimes her flat “no’s” are almost enough to make me laugh. Almost.
21- Ella is up to my mid-ribs –and will probably be taller than me when she’s full grown (I’m 5’9”).
22- Ella can wink each eye by its self, and can summersault with the best of them.
23- Ella likes to “win the race” and run around the ottoman –however, this is more abundant when we’re cooped up during cold months.
24- Ella is an excellent big sissy –when she wants to be.
25- Ella is my first “little love” and if you can’t tell, I’m crazy about her.


Mary said...

That's awesome. I love my Ella Boo too!

Unknown said...

I miss my La La! Tell her Auntie Sarah says hi and STILL needs a boyfriend. :-)

Rachael said...

Awwwww - so sweet! I love that girl!