Friday, July 18, 2008


Do you ever wonder what people would think if they really knew you? There are a lot of layers to me that are so different from what I seem to be to most people. There are so many different sides to what makes me who I am; without them, even the pieces that I do share with others wouldn’t be the same. My philosophy and the way I view the world is distinct and decided upon. I have come to a place where I truly do accept who and what I have become –and yet- am okay with the ever clear aspect that I am a total work-in-progress. I live according to the values I have within myself. My conscience, my actions, my words and thoughts –be they right or wrong—are from the experiences I have, and I don’t apologize for them. What is important to me might not be to others, and what I do compromise on is part of what makes me who I am as well. Perhaps this doesn’t make sense to anyone why I am writing this, but it makes sense to me. To those for whom I am not good enough: be assured that your opinion is nominal. I do take criticism well. I always have room to improve. However, who and what I am is of my own choosing, and if it’s not what is expected, then any space in my head or heart that I hold for you will ultimately close. My life is too important, too short, and all MY own, and the answers I will be asked for at the final judgment, are only MINE to give. If you choose to share some of my life with me, I welcome you with open arms.


Anonymous said...

I love that! Good for you!

Joni said...

I think you are beautiful, inside and out and will always love you for who you are!