Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hookey Camping

Lance called in absent on Tuesday night and got a bit of a wild hair… With the 1st load of laundry in the washer, we decided to head to our favorite campsite and see if we could find a cool place to camp for the night! We wound up at #34 –which was fantastic…when we first got it… Later the mosquitos were CRAZY. I wound up heading back for bug spray (I should have packed it from the start!) and cd's, as we kind-of rushed out the door. We picked up Chaedon (Lance's son -11 years old) too! Here he is building the fire!

Chaedon and Ella have a BLAST together! I can't figure out why Ella made that face, but it's worth publishing. Those kids cracks me up!

Mia had a lovely time in the crib that we set up outside. She's got a bottle, a few fun ball toys, her diaper bag, and a mag-lite. What more could a kid ask for?

Took this sitting at the campfire. I thought it was cute :)

We LOVE camping! It's such a fantastic family-time activity. There's no TV, no cleaning, no phones, no distractions that pull you away from some great quality time. I think that the good Lord made Logan Canyon as fantastic as it is for us to enjoy... So enjoy, folks!


Kate said...

Several comments:

1. You are beautiful!
2. Chaedon is a handsome boy. Same age as our Nathan.
3. Mia looks so darling in her crib!
4. Looking at these pictures made me so smiley!

Aren't I organized with these comments? ;-)

mommynolan said...

Who would have thought my "girly-girl" would catch the camping bug? Not me. I am so glad you have found something all of you love and can do together, besides Super Mario Cart.