Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well we have a new family event planned for this weekend. It’s the Bear Lake Beach Blast 2008, baybee! This is what we all need to just get away and relax after such a stressful “vacation”! It’s another lumping of occasions –as a family of this size tends to do. First, we have Sarah’s birthday (July 28), then Granny’s birthday (July 29) and finally Mom’s birthday (August 3).
Sarah is Miss Single-And-Fabulous! Sarah is very dynamic with an eye for fashion and a really fun personality. She just turned 24 years old. She is the baby of the family, but has slowly changed her role into a bit of a care-taker when it comes to us helpless parents! She is hopelessly devoted to her nieces and nephews and loves each with such an unconditional affection. We all seem to be caught up in our own families, but she makes time for each child –and loves them all so individually. I wish I had more of that in me- to know and get to spend the quality time with my niece and nephews too… Thank heaven we have her for this! Beyond that, Sarah is crazy talented. She plays the piano, the guitar, she sings like an angel, and has a generous heart. There are few people who can do what she does: she’s a social worker for the State of Utah with DCFS. She sees some horrible stuff, but has the attitude that she can make a difference and help those families who struggle. It puts a human face (for me) on those who could be easily judged for their circumstances. I’m so grateful there are people like her who do what they do. I can’t imagine not stacking up the points in Heaven for this kind of occupation. Sarah is stylish and always looks amazing. I love how she’s so put-together; it makes me feel a little less high-maintenance! Happy birthday Sarah! You’ve come such a long way, and I’m so impressed with your accomplishments and your drive.
Granny is the bomb! She’s a southern woman with some hard-working roots. Granny had an extremely rough childhood, yet remained humbled and grateful through her whole life. She married Grandpa (the love of her life) and had two kids: mom and Richard. When my mom was 8 years old, they divorced due to Grandpa’s gambling addiction. Granny went on to work as a single mom, providing for two children as best she could. She worked her whole life –and ultimately retired and moved to Logan. She’s always been such an integral and pivotal piece of our family. Some Grandparents sit on the outside, but Granny is more than in the inner-circle. She’s an angel. Granny is generous beyond necessary; she’s devoted to her family and church, and has a heart of gold with her ability to love. I’ve never seen such an example of hard work, and what can be accomplished by putting your faith in the Lord. Happy birthday Granny! I love you so much!
What can I say about mom? I’ve written about her before, but I need to take a moment and thank her for what she does for our family. She’s the keystone. This woman is what makes it all work. Mom pulls the family events together, she is the direct communication for everyone, and her love goes deeper than anyone really indulges in imagining. It’s easy to take her for granted, and I am so sorry for that. Mom has had health problems all of her life –and is a miracle standing in front of us. She is accomplished, with a doctorate degree in Research and Evaluation from Utah State University. She devotes endless hours to teaching employment classes for the church (no pay), and is a developmental specialist. That comes in handy particularly, as she can tell us how advanced and amazing our kids are!! Mom’s love is unconditional, and she has a very specific way about her. I love that she’s so unique and has always been her own person. What did I get from my mom?
1- My creativity. I can write and rhyme like mom does.
2- My love for things beautiful. I consider it one of my talents –to make things pleasing, and to seek out what makes things lovely and pleasant –that’s from mom.
3- My articulation. Not that we have the same opinions, but mom and I were both debaters, and we both seem to be quite outspoken when we have something to say… And even when we don’t say something, we certainly have an opinion on it (and are willing to share!).
4- My tender heart. Mom and I have a unique bond, where our search for acceptance and peace in this life parallels. We seem to understand each other in a way that others may never understand.
Mom, happy birthday! Thank you for my life, thank you for supporting me. Thank you for raising me to be strong and to find my own happiness. I love you.


Joni said...

What a fun weekend, hopefully everyone will be feeling well! You are lucky to be surrounded by so many strong, beautiful, women. No wonder you're such an amazing person!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the kind words! :)

Kate said...

Your mom looks so young. Too young to have grown-up kids and grandkids!