Friday, June 27, 2008


Somedays I miss my family. We have amazing nights -like when these pictures were taken- where we all hang out and just talk and talk and talk. The kids play, we all exchange babies, we plan events, we tell funny stories. I love the family I was raised with -and wouldn't trade what we have for anything.
Somedays I get headaches and wish I could close my eyes for a long long long time.
Somedays I look down in the shower and see things like a leaf from Ella's froggie game, a plastic horse, a ram, a lizard, a spongebob, and 1/2 of a truck and wonder what happened to my life... :)
Somedays I wish Lance hated beer.
Somedays I want to take my girls to the mall and get them something cute to wear.
Somedays I need to be told I'm beautiful and am a good mom.
Somedays I wish my job were more simple.
Somedays I spend some extra time reading and counting with Ella because she's so darn smart and she amazes the heck out of me.
Somedays I boogie down to "The Office" music, and Ella joins me.
Somedays I wish Lance and I had more nights together.
Somedays I have friends come by and am grateful for the adult conversation.
Somedays hearing Mia spitting and knowing the drool is soaking her clothes makes me smile.
Somedays my life and the plan for me makes perfect sense.


Kate said...

Somedays I wish I could write a blog entry as wonderful as this one!

Lexy said...

Wow you have such a way with words beck! I love reading your blogs.