Monday, May 12, 2008

Being A Mom

Being a mom isn't easy. You can prepare for sleep deprevation, you can prepare for sickness and even tantrums. I guess what I feel totally unprepared for is the heartbreak that can come from loving your children so much -and not having them get it. Can I just say: Mom, I get it. When we as mothers hope and pray for the understanding of the deepest and purest and unconditional love we have for our children -the light at the end of the tunnel is that one day they will sincerely understand it. My mom has been through some insane health issues (from open heart surgery when I was in 1st grade, to strokes, to lumps, to breathing issues -the list goes on), she's earned her doctorate in research & evaluation, she gives endless time and effort toward church, she has raised six children and was able to instill in them a strong work ethic, love for their neighbor, intelligence, and an individual compass allowing each to make mistakes -yet learn and grow and become all the better. My mom isn't your typical mom, however, without her influence, there's no way I would be the woman I am. I love you mom.

Girls, my own understanding is a hope to me that you will someday know and recognize the joy I have in being your mom. I don't know what I must have done to receive the honor in raising you, but it's the most precious gift I will ever know.


Joni said...

What a beautiful post! It is sad that it takes us so long to fully appreciate and understand what being a mom is all about! Your mom is lucky to have you for a daughter and your daughters are lucky to have you for a mom, I know I'm lucky to have you for a friend!