Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baaad night

Mia came down with a runny nose yesterday -which isn't a big deal. Well, I gave her some medication after her bath and put her right to bed. About an hour later, she was having a really hard time breathing, and was scared & crying. Poor little baby! Lance and I decided we'd take her into te ER (Insta care was closed). She had a chest x-ray, which is AWFUL. They put her in this plexi-vice spiel, and I had to stand there and hold her little hands up. She screamed and screamed -her little face was bright red. Tears and snot ran down her face, but I handled it okay... till she opened her eyes. She didn't taken them off of mine as she screamed for the reamainder of her time there, and I just lost it. I feel awful having her watch me with tears streaming down my face, but for any mom who has done this with their kid -they understand the heartbreak. :( They said that her lungs are consistent with viral rather than bacterial illness -so that's good. We got good drugs and they observed her for a while. I got to bed after 1 AM. Needless to say, as my alarm was set for 4:30 for work, I decided not to go. Ella is getting sick too, so it's a 2-fer. Good times. A big shout-out to the babes (Noah and Lily) we hung out with this weekend. Hope you stay healthy!!!


Teri said...

I feel for you. Spencer had to have a chest x-ray when he was about a year old and I totally lost it. Hope they both get better soon!

Kate said...

Poor little baby! I have already said a prayer for Mia and the rest of your family. Hugs, Kate